At Davenport Construction our core values of integrity and quality have made us industry leaders in the southern Ontario restoration industry.

Servicing Industrial, Commercial, and the Property Management Industries since 1988 we provide a wide range of restoration services to fulfill all your property maintenance needs.

From the concrete and waterproofing of your underground garage, to wall and window repair, right up to repairs and replacement of your buildings roofing system, Davenport Construction has the knowledge skills and ability to diagnose and repair any and all of your building problems. Providing full range of services from design, engineering, project management, and continued client service and support makes Davenport Construction a single company solution for the entire life cycle of your building.

Our fully trained staff has the ability to get your job done safely no matter where the work is located. From suspended and elevated work areas to trenching and excavation safety is always a priority.

Specializing in the residential condominium, commercial, apartment REIT market has allowed us to place an emphasis on tailoring our work processes to match the demanding requirements of condominium rules and regulations. At Davenport Construction respect for both residents and the community as a whole is built into our project specifications and job schedules.

We are fully licensed and bonded and up to date with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Our Philosophy

We believe the purpose of our business is to create innovative solutions that provide our brokers and their clients with the tools needed to succeed.

In any industry, communication is the key to success, our responsibility therefore is to thoroughly understand the needs of our brokers. Every Broker and their clients demand and deserve the highest level of attention, commitment and expertise regardless of the size of the broker or its client.

We take it upon ourselves to continue to understand the issues that are important to the brokers, and in so creating solutions critical to their success.

Our goal is to work with the broker and their clients, offer constructive input alongside pro-active and positive solutions. To create programs which are realistic and competitive. We realize the brokers are our eyes and ears to the industry, and our fundamental success depends on a willingness to work with our clients, and never lose sight of the goal, which is to meet the needs of the brokers and their clients, while maintaining the process of responsible underwriting.

In short, our core beliefs, principles and philosophy about how we conduct business is captured in a single sentence that is the essence of our mission statement

Our Method

In every project, there are critical decisions that must be made which have an impact on the overall success of the project. We Believe that it is with each decision, we must take into consideration its' impact on all aspects of the project objectives in order to insure its success. Our experienced and qualified professionals ensure that any action taken to affect our projects will remain loyal to the design, budget and completion date.


At Davenport Construction we are passionate about our workplace health and safety, and making it a top priority for all our employees, contractors and clients.

Everyone who enters our construction site, no matter it be a large project or small one must fully accept their responsibility to comply with our Safety Policy and maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment.

Employees and contractors are expected to work in a manner which safeguards themselves and everyone on site.

In the preliminary stages of a new project, we take pride in developing a wide-range safety plan. Each plan is distinctive to each construction job.

Site maintenance and foreseeing potential risks, and communicating with all parties involved helps in the assistance of our safety Policies.

As a company we take pride in being current with the latest practices required by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

We achieve this through the cooperation and participation of all parties involved.


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